Glycosylation in tumour biology and its clinical implications
The cancer bittersweet portrait

11-12 May 2023

11-12 May 2023

Porto Cancer Meeting 2023


It is our great honour to welcome you to Porto for the XXIX Edition of the Porto Cancer Meeting. This international and renowned meeting has been organized since 1990 by Ipatimup and is now anchored on i3S – Institute for Research and Innovation in Health, the largest health research institute in Portugal. This year, the scientific program of the XXIX Porto Cancer Meeting will focus on Glycosylation in tumor biology and its clinical implications and will explore the role that complex carbohydrates – the glycans – play in cancer biology and their clinical implications in diagnosis, cancer progression, and treatment.
Glycosylation is a major and burning topic in oncology and is of particular relevance because of the role of glycans in tumor progression and metastasis. Moreover, glycans and their receptors (glycan-binding proteins) regulate key immunological processes with unprecedented impact on the tumor microenvironment affecting the patient’s therapy response.
As one of the most prominent cancer research events in Portugal aiming to be at the forefront of cancer research, the objective of the 29th edition of the Porto Cancer Meeting is to provide a great environment for discussing and recapitulate the latest advances in our understanding of the glycans in cancer and on tumour biology, their clinical implications in diagnosis, progression, and treatment.
Once more, the Porto Cancer Meeting is bringing together the perspectives from several key players in the field ranging from researchers, clinicians, and industry. Through its characteristic multidisciplinarity and informal atmosphere, the meeting will create a great environment for discussing the latest developments on topics such as Glycosylation in Cancer, Glycans in cancer molecular and cell biology, Glycosylation in tumor microenvironment and immune modulation and Translational Research and glycan-based clinical implications.
The Meeting will include keynote lectures from invited speakers, selected oral communications, two-speed talk sessions, and a poster session. These will be held in an informal environment, allowing close and detailed discussions among participants.
We hope you will enjoy a pleasant meeting and have the opportunity to visit the beautiful and exciting city of Porto.

Celso Reis | André Albergaria

Ana Magalhães | Catarina Gomes | Joana Gomes | Rita Matos