26th Porto Cancer Meeting 2019
The Cancer Ecosystem: From Research to Pathology and Treatment
& 5th Joint Meeting Porto-Bordeaux 2019

Erwin Wagner

Medical University Vienna, Austria

Erwin Wagner (EW) is University Professor and Group Leader at the Medical University Vienna in the Department of Dermatology and Department of Laboratory Medicine since January 2019.  EW obtained his PhD in 1978 for his studies on bacterial genetics in Berlin. He did his postdoctoral training with Beatrice Mintz in Philadelphia (1979-83), became a Group Leader at the EMBL in Heidelberg (1983-88) and from 1988-2008 he was Founding Member and Deputy Director at the IMP in Vienna, Austria.

Since 2008 he was Vice Director (2008-11) and Director of the Cancer Cell Biology Program at the CNIO in Madrid (2008-2018). His work focuses on understanding gene functions in mammalian development and disease/cancer, employing genetic mouse models for human diseases as well as using human patient samples.

His work has a strong focus on defining the functions of the AP-1(Fos/Jun) transcription factor complex in inflammation, metabolism and cancer, in particular in liver, lung and skin. Recently he has initiated studies into the mechanisms of metabolic dysfunction and the role of the immune system in Cancer-Associated-Cachexia. EW has published more than 330 articles and has an H-factor of 110; he received numerous awards among them the EMBO Medal (Heidelberg), the Max-Planch Research Award (Munich), the Brupbacher Research Award (Zürich) and 2 ERC-AdGs.