Stemness & Metastasis: Advances in Research and Clinical Translation
20-21 May 2021

Christophe Ginestier

Epithelial Stem Cells and Cancer Lab, Cancer Research Center of Marseille, Marseille, France

Christophe Ginestier is leading the Epithelial Stem Cells and Cancer lab at the Cancer Research Center of Marseille. This research team has developed a large expertise in normal and malignant human mammary stem cells isolation and characterization. They have identified different therapeutic strategies to target the breast CSC population and developed pre-clinical trials using PDXs. More recently, they have developed a unique methodology to screen libraries and evaluate CSC evolution by high content screening. Christophe Ginestier holds a PhD in Oncology (Aix-Marseille University) and performed a postdoc in Max Wicha’ s Lab (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA). He co-authors more than 90 articles in peer-reviewed journals such as Nature Medicine, Cell Stem Cell, Journal of Clinical Investigation or EMBO Molecular Medicine. He is the current President of the SUNRiSE network (www.sunrise-network.fr) that promotes cancer stem cell research in France.