26th Porto Cancer Meeting 2019
The Cancer Ecosystem: From Research to Pathology and Treatment
& 5th Joint Meeting Porto-Bordeaux 2019


01 MAY 2019

8.15 Registration

Opening Session

8.45 Welcome Session
Béatrice Vergier, CHU Bordeaux and Bordeaux University, Inserm U1053 BaRITOn
Jean-Philippe Merlio, CHU Bordeaux and Bordeaux University, Inserm U1053 BaRITOn
Manuel Sobrinho Simões, i3S/IPATIMUP & Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto & CHUSJ
Rui Henrique, Portuguese Oncology Institute of Porto & ICBAS

Session I – The Cancer Ecosystem: applications in pathology
(Chairs: Fátima Carneiro and Jean-Philippe Merlio)

9.00  Tumour infiltrating lymphocytes and PD-L1 in breast carcinomas
(Fernando Schmitt)

9.20 Clinical, histological and molecular predictors of metastatic melanoma responses to anti-PD-1 immunotherapy
(M. Darmon and B. Vergier)

9.40 Impact of STK11/LKB1 tumour suppressor gene mutations on the response of bronchopulmonary carcinomas to immunotherapy
(H. Bégueret and D. Cappelen)

10.00  The microbiome and gastric cancer: beyond Helicobacter pylori
(Céu Figueiredo)

10:20 Coffee break

Session II – The Cancer Ecosystem: perspectives in pathology research
(Chairs: Leonor David and David Cappelen)

10:40  DICER1 germline alterations in papillary thyroid carcinoma cases from TCGA database
(Sule Canberk)

11:00 Proteomic profiling of liver CK7+/CK20- (A)DKs on FFPE blocks: primary versus metastatic?
(C. Laffon, A.A. Raymond and B. Le Bail)

11:20 The “genvironment” and the major role of epigenetics in human germ cell tumours: looking for disease biomarkers and novel treatment options
(João Lobo) 

11:40 Uterine and vaginal sarcomas resembling fibrosarcoma: a clinicopathological and molecular analysis of 13 cases showing common NTRK-rearrangements and the description of a COL1A1-PDGFB fusion novel to uterine neoplasms
(S. Croce)

Session III – Hot topics in pathology: Battle of controversies
(Chairs: Catarina Eloy and Brigitte Le-Bail)

12:00Is p16 a decisive surrogate marker to diagnose HPV related carcinomas?
Con: Carla Bartosch
Pros: José Manuel Lopes

12:25  Is NGS necessary to assess mutations (or is FISH still necessary)?
Con: José Carlos Machado
Pros: Jean-Philippe Merlio

12:50 Lunch break + Group Photo

Session IV – Interactive Cyto-histologic Slide Seminar – Part I
(Chairs: Manuel Sobrinho Simões and Béatrice Vergier)

14:00 Case 1 –  Head and Neck Pathology
Lucile Vanhersecke
with S. Korbi and C. Castain

14:15 Case 2 – Gastrointestinal Pathology
Pedro Canão with Jorge Pinheiro

14:30 Case 3 – Gynecopathology
Julia Leiner with Sabrina Croce and Marion Marty

14:45 Case 4 – Thyroid Pathology
Diana Martins with Elisabete Rios

15:00 Coffee break

Session IV – Interactive Cyto-histologic Slide Seminar – Part II
(Chairs: Mariana Afonso and and Sabrina Croce)

15:30  Case 5 – Head and Neck Pathology
João Costa
with Manuel Jacome

15:45 Case 6 – Soft Tissue Tumors
Mégane le Quang with François le Loarer

16:00 Case 7 – Breast Pathology
Davide Gigliano with Conceição Leal

Special Pathology Sessions
(Chairs: Edith Chevret and Paula Soares; Rui Henrique)

16:15 An example of collaboration between Bordeaux and Porto on research – a co-supervised thesis : Behind the scenes of Telomerase
Joana Ropio, Edith Chevret and Paula Soares (co-directors)

16:30 The funny stories behind the CVs: Pathology beyond the microscope
Jean-Philippe Merlio,CHU Bordeaux and Bordeaux University, Inserm U1053 BaRITOn

16:45 Adjourn


Organizing Committee

Bordeaux Team

BELLEANNÉE Geneviève, CHU Bordeaux
CAPPELLEN David, CHU and Inserm U1053
CROCE Sabrina, Bergonié Institute and Inserm U1218
LE-BAIL Brigitte, CHU Bordeaux and Inserm U1053
MERLIO Jean-Philippe, CHU Bordeaux and Inserm U1053
VERGIER Béatrice, CHU Bordeaux and Inserm U1053

Porto Team

Manuel Sobrinho Simões, i3S/IPATIMUP & CHUSJ & FMUP
Fátima Carneiro, i3S/IPATIMUP & CHUSJ & FMUP
Carla Bartosch, IPO & ICBAS
Elisabete Rios, i3S/IPATIMUP & CHUSJ & FMUP
António Polónia, i3S/IPATIMUP
Catarina Costa, CHUSJ & FMUP
Tiago Costa Pereira, CHUSJ