24th Porto Cancer Meeting 2017
Liquid biopsy: bringing precision medicine closer to oncology

The Ipatimup-i3S is an institution heiress of the best scientific traditions of the city of Porto combining the passion for rigour in the search for new solutions and their application to the real world, that is: to people’s lives.

It is about the ultimate proof of the effectiveness of the pair science-health enhanced in the cooperation between research centres of excellence, hospitals of reference, and the university.

These institutions live in a close relationship which yields way beyond the practical application of new treatments or techniques.

The already long history of these gatherings, the Porto Cancer Meeting, reflects the availability and openness of the scientific ecosystem of Porto, by bringing together, throughout the years, some of the most prominent researchers in the field of health in general, and of oncology in particular. We can, thus, claim that the receptiveness of the scientific atmosphere of a city has the gift of enabling new liaisons as well as promoting the cherishing of new knowledge. On the other hand, we must never forget that when we speak of our city, we are, actually, speaking of a seaport: a venue of departures, arrivals, exchanges, trade, and development.

Hence my wish to extend to all the intervenient in the Porto Cancer Meeting a welcoming message. Porto is a unique city, a metropolis that by its dimension and features so special captivates all those who visit it. It is not only the architecture, or the heritage that enchant the foreigners, it is mostly its people whose character so peculiar makes everybody feel at home. I sincerely wish that you all feel in Porto as you do at home, I wish you get to know our identity and take advantage of your partaking in this meeting to find out what is going on here in the fields of research and science.

Looking forward to seeing you in Porto, we trust you will enjoy this Porto Cancer Meeting and also the city of Porto, recently awarded with the Best EuropeanDestination for 2017.

Rui Moreira
The Mayor of Porto