24th Porto Cancer Meeting 2017
Liquid biopsy: bringing precision medicine closer to oncology

baijal_shobhitShobhit Baijal
Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham

Shobhit Baijal is a dedicated Consultant Medical Oncologist based at The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust. He studied Medicine in London and obtained a BSc Honours in Immunology and Cell Pathology from University College London before graduating with my medical degree from St Bartholomew’s Medical School in 2001. Shobhit Baijal returned to the Midlands to complete his General Medical and Oncology training and took up post as Consultant Medical Oncologist in September 2011. He is the Clinical Lead for Oncology at the Heart of England NHS Trust and actively treats lung and colorectal cancer patients.

He specialises in all forms of cancer drug treatment including chemotherapy, immuno-oncology, precision oncology and chemo-embolisation.

Shobhit Baijal has a large clinical trial portfolio and is the UK Chief Investigator for the international COTEZO trial, manipulating immunotherapies to treat patients with advanced colorectal cancer. He is also a Principle Investigator in National and International lung and colorectal clinical trials and sits on the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation advisory panel.

He is at the forefront of the clinical utility of liquid biopsy in managing lung cancer patients and has several studies underway in this context.