24th Porto Cancer Meeting 2017
Liquid biopsy: bringing precision medicine closer to oncology

thierry_alainAlain Thierry
Inserm, Université des Sciences de Montpellier

A.R. Thierry research interest focuses on the study of circulating DNA (cfDNA). First on basic research with regards to the structures, origins and functions of cfDNA. Second, on translational research with regards to the diagnostic capacity of circulating DNA and the development of methods towards supporting personalized medicine. A.R. Thierry has coordinated a prospective blinded multi-center studies showing the first clinical validation and demonstration of clinical utility of the plasma DNA analysis in oncology, by detecting point mutations in KRAS and BRAF from colorectal patients. He is one of the world leaders in the clinical application of the analysis of circulating DNA and now he is directing various studies on prognosis, cancer patient follow up and cancer screening. He is Director of Research at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Montpellier and the principal founder of DiaDx, a Biotech company devoted to liquid biopsy solutions in oncology.