Stemness & Metastasis: Advances in Research and Clinical Translation
20-21 May 2021

João Nuno Moreira

Center for Neurosciences and Cell Biology (CNC), University of Coimbra, Portugal

João Nuno Moreira scientific activity is focused on the design of lipid-based nanosystems for anticancer drug and nucleic acid targeted delivery, addressing the impact on the tumor microenvironment, at the cellular and molecular level, both in vitro and in animal models of cancer.  Co-author of several publications in peer-reviewed journals, 9 book chapters and 10 filed patents (3 of them have been granted in the United States and 2 in Europe, – and licensed to TREAT U, SA).


Educational Background and Positions

  • Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (PharmD; University of Coimbra)
  • MSc. in Cellular Biology (University of Coimbra)
  • PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology (University of Coimbra/University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada – Terry Allen’s Group)
  • Habilitation (“Agregação”) in Pharmaceutical Technology (University of Coimbra)
  • Tenured Assistant Professor (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra)

Awards, Merits and others

  • Group Leader at CNC (Group of Tumor microenvironment and targeted medicines)
  • President of the Spanish-Portuguese Local Chapter of the Controlled Release Society (Jan 2016 – Jan 2018).
  • Member of the International Committee of the Controlled Release Society (2015/2016).
  • Member of the Board of the Portuguese Association for Cancer Research (ASPIC) (2016 – 2018).
  • Research work on breast cancer, has been honored by the Portuguese Society of Senology (2012).
  • Winner of the 2010 Education Innovation Awards within the scope of the MIT-Portugal program.
  • Lecturer on the advanced course on Principles and Practice in Drug Development (at MIT, Boston, USA; 2007, 2009, 2011 – 2017).
  • Expert reviewer for the European Medicines Agency (2019); PhD and Post-Doc fellowships (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, including panel Coordinator in 2015) and grants from international funding agencies (EuroNanoMed ERA-Net Consortium; Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research; French National Research Agency, Israel Science Foundation, Dutch Cancer Society; COST Actions, Italian Foundation for Research on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, National Science Center in Poland).

Selected references


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  3. Fonseca NA, Gomes-da-Silva LC, Moura, V, Simões S, MOREIRA JN, Simultaneous active intracellular delivery of doxorubicin and C6-ceramide shifts the additive/antagonistic drug interaction of non-encapsulated combination, Journal of Controlled Release, 196:122-31 (2014). (IF: 7.261).
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